Gaugemaster launches new website

03 October 2019
Gaugemaster has launched its new website, which brings greater mobile functionality, improved user engagement, plus a whole host of additional features.

After months of development, Gaugemaster has finally launched its new website, which brings a whole host of new and advanced features, as well as a cleaner and more modern design.

Research by the Arundel model railway superstore highlighted that mobile devices had overtaken desktop for visitors to its website, so a big focus has been improving the site for mobile functionality.

Among the new features is an event listing and Club Hub, which list the local events and clubs in your area. Other big changes include the use of high-quality images, a more powerful search box, and internal coding to help provide useful information, like if a product is out of stock or in clearance for a limited time.

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If you have bought anything from Gaugemaster over the past two years, your online account details will be carried forward. If you haven’t, you’ll need to log-in again.

Gaugemaster is encouraging its customers to get in touch with any feedback on the new site.

Visit Gaugemaster's new online home here


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