Further NER 'hoppers' promised for 'OO'

08 March 2023
Accurascale adds further batch to forthcoming NER 20T coal hopper wagons, covering LNER, NER, BR and industrial liveries.

Model manufacturer, Accurascale has added further variants to its NER 20T coal hopper wagons for 4mm:1ft scale. First announced in November 2022 as a part of its 'Powering Britain' range of coal wagons, it has said that they have proven popular, covering a "variant of wagon never before adequately catered for by RTR models." Due for delivery in Q2 2024, the latest wagons are priced at £84.95 per triple pack.

Its first batch of wagons feature eight packs covering various diagrams, but Accurascale received feedback that many modellers were disappointed not to see many LNER-era packs with 'NE' branding.

Accurascale NER 20T hopper wagon

Joining the first announcements will be the NER P7 Hoppers; 52528, 55985 and L86, in the 1911-1922 NER livery of mid grey, with unshaded 12in N.E.R initials. End braked, these hoppers served under the Central Division of the North Eastern Railway and the ‘Plimsoll’ type marking on the top plank at the sides shows that a section of the lower end planking had been removed, to save wear and tear on the hoppers when working cable-hauled on inclines.

Under the LNER, P6 Hoppers were classified as DGM 11, with the P7 type Hoppers being classified as DGM 12 and the vehicles continued to be built in some numbers after Grouping in 1923. Typically recognised by the replacement of the wooden end stanchions with stanchions made of metal, the type were largely unchanged from their NER origins, being repainted into darker grey, with 18in x 12in N.E initials, at the earliest opportunity.Accurascale NER 20T hopper wagon

Accurascale is offering four new triple packs reflecting this era, from pristine to distressed/patched finishes with later BR numbers. A large number of the 20T hoppers made it through into the Nationalisation period, post-1948, some even surviving long enough to be painted into BR freight grey in the 1956-58 period, with black wagon information panels being added along with the painting of the handbrake handle ends into white.

By the late 1950s, wooden 20T hoppers had largely been removed from mainline use, with survivors either being scrapped, or sold on to Private Owner, or Internal Users.

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Accurascale NER 20T hopper wagon

Two internal use liveries are featured in this second batch; one being the ‘industrial’ green paintwork exhibited by examples used at Cantley Sugar Beet Factory between Norwich and Great Yarmouth during the early 1970s, the other being the blue grey livery worn by the 20T hoppers used at the Workington Steel Works.

By 1972, wagons at Workington could be seen with a variety of different bodyside legends, from the Workington Iron & Steel Co. to United Steel Corporation initials and even to a handful featuring the new British Steel Corporation logo.

Browse the range and place your pre-order by visiting the Accurascale website or your local Accurascale stockist.


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