Four new products from Scale Model Scenery

25 September 2023
Arriving this week, these scenic products for 'OO' and 'O' caught out attention...

Scale Model Scenery released a number of new products this week for 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales. Here's a closer look at four of these new items that we found interesting, all of which are available to order now from the manufacturer:


(KX048-OO) Utility Building/Plant Room


KX048-OO Utility Building OO Gauge

Retailing at £8.49, and based on a waterworks building close to its factory in Truro, Cornwall, this 4mm:1ft scale utility building could be a plant room or lineside building. Designed for industrial scenes, sewage works, processing plants, depots and larger industrial complexes, the building comes with a choice of weathered stretcher bond brick or a grey rendered wall (matching its KX094-OO Stoney's Workshop).

The building features casement windows to the front and rear with front and rear doors which can be posed open if required. Exterior detail including electrical cable and a rear drain pipe add to the finish. An alternative set of buff stone wraps is included to give the building a more rural feel. 

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(AX186-O) Curtains and Blinds

AX186-O Curtains & Blinds For O Gauge Scale Model Scenery

At £2.99, this sheet of curtains and blinds for 7mm:1ft scale is designed to enhance model shops and housing. The two sheet pack contains 47 pairs of assorted curtains and 15 blinds , all with light coloured pleated linings and a small strip of colour down the edges to represent the seams. Some have tie-backs.


(LX514-OO) Industrial Pipe Bridge

LX514-OO Industrial Pipe Bridge Scale Model Scenery

A common sight around industrial manufacturing or processing sites, pipe bridges convey all manner of liquified or gaseous products from one zone to another, either for further processing, or distribution. For 4mm:1ft scale, at £8.99, Scale Model Scenery's Industrial Pipe Bridge kit could be used to cross a rail, road, stream, river or canal, elevating pipes across. Useful for other scales, too...


(FB021-OO) Autumn/Winter Bramble Patches (Small)

FB021-OO scale model scenery grass tufts

For 4mm:1ft scale, though equally useful for larger scales, too, these packs of 15 tufts are designed to represent bramble, or in 7mm:1ft scale, small thistle patches. For use on waste ground, embankments, or verges on an autumn or winter-themed layout. Patches are peeled from the backing paper and glued into place as required. Tufts are 6-8mm tall and 20mm (approx.) in width.

See the Scale Model Scenery website for further details.

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