Forest Floor scatter from SMS

01 August 2022
A new product using a blend of natural material and organic fibres arrives, designed to replicate model forest and woodland floors.

Scale Model Scenery has added a 100ml tub of Forest Floor scatter material to its range. Designed to be used as a base layer for woodland and forest areas on layouts and dioramas, the material can be glued using PVA or a similar basing glue.

Though said to be optimised for 4mm:1ft scale, the 0.1 to 3mm grain size of the scatter makes it compatible with modellers working in scales of up to 1:35. The manufacturer has quietly widened its range of scenic products the last few years, culminating in its own branded range of products.

Scale Model Scenery says that the new scatter "contains the perfect blend of fine and course natural brown fibres, plus flecks of natural green scatter to add extra depth". The product is also non-clumping for a more realistic finish.

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For current pricing and availability, visit the Scale Model Scenery website.



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