Five things we like about Bachmann's VEA

02 February 2022
In anticipation of its earlier vacuum-braked 'Vanwide' announced today, we look at a new arrival from Bachmann – its refurbished air-braked variant.

Bachmann today announced its intention to manufacture models of the 'Vanwide', as-built. We've recently received model samples of its later air-braked conversions of these vehicles, a review of which will appear in the Spring 2022 issue of BRM. It offers insight into what we can expect of the VWV/VMV/ZDV/ZRV/VEV variants. Here's five things we like about the model:

1 The model which is made from all-new tooling and certainly raises the bar in terms of detail and fidelity when it comes to OO scale vans, particularly anything on a venerable 10’ wheelbase. The highly-detailed body includes separate wire handrails, separate lamp irons and end boards, and two variations of door runner (smooth or ribbed), while the underframe is a work of art with separate components fitted to represent the air brake gear, turned metal buffers and optional brake hangers and ties.

Bachmann VEA Vanwide

2 Where it is evident that Bachmann continues to up its game on newly-tooled items is when we take a closer look at the chassis, and turn the wagon over. The abundance and finesse of detail easily matches a well-detailed kit.

Bachmann VEA Vanwide

3 We particularly like the door runners and the visible daylight behind them; gone are the days when this would be a solid lump to mould as much structure as possible. The finish is to Bachmann’s usual high standard, with pin-sharp decoration over a dense bauxite base in the review sample.

Bachmann VEA Vanwide

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4 All of the lettering is perfectly-legible, even when blown up to many times its real size, with two lines of text on the maintenance data panel being extremely crisp despite measuring no more than 0.5mm in height.

Bachmann VEA

5 It's worth fitting the detailing parts from the included pack in accordance with the clear instructions, with the brake pulls and safety straps being the most obvious improvements beneath the chassis, while appropriate air pipes for the era can be easily fitted to the bufferbeam.

What do you think about this new release? Share your thoughts below. Read the full review in the Spring 2022 issue of BRM.



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