First look: FNA-D nuclear flasks from Revolution Trains

10 November 2022
Manufacturer receives first samples of its forthcoming FNA-D nuclear flask wagons, with models now available to pre-order.

Revolution Trains has shared images of its forthcoming FNA-D bogie nuclear flask carriers for 4mm:1ft scale. Decorated samples are expected soon, and the models are now available to order at the lower price of £32.95 each, either direct from the manufacturer or its network of approved retailers.

The models appear crisply-tooled, with numerous separate detail parts including locking bars, photo-etched deck platforms, underframe brake equipment and piping, and a correct ‘see-through’ deck well.

Models feature tension-lock couplers in kinematic NEM sockets and the bogies have been designed to easily accept proprietary EM or P4 wheelsets. All are supplied with a cosmetic tail lamp which can be fitted or not as the customer wishes.

Revolution is offering eight differently numbered models: 11 70 9229 001, 005, 006, 010, 014, 018, 023 and 031. These feature prototypical variations in lettering and application of hazard warnings; and model 006 has the hazard panels left blank to represent a wagon running unloaded on delivery or as a spare/support wagon in the consist, as is frequently observed.

Revolution Trains FNA-D

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The ‘new’ style of FNA-D flask carriers were built by WH Davis for DRS and introduced from 2014, rapidly replacing the older designs in service since the 1970s which have been scrapped. Lessons were learned from the previous design, and the new versions incorporate several subtle, but distinctive, changes.

The 40 wagons in the fleet carry UIC numbers in the range 11 70 9229 001-40 and were manufactured in three batches. They are used predominantly to carry spent fuel from Britain’s network of nuclear power plants back to Sellafield for disposal, and are seen across the network.

Revolution Trains FNA-D

Invariably operated with two locomotives, either top-and-tailed or double-headed, the flasks often run singly, creating the slightly incongruous but very modellable sight of two locomotives with one wagon and making them the perfect ‘train-set’ train.

The Revolution Trains model has been produced with the full support of owners DRS and manufacturers WH Davis, and it expects to shortly share a video showing its research trip to DRS’s Kingmoor depot where the operation of one of the flask wagons was demonstrated.


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