First 3D print of the Cavalex Class 91

10 December 2019
We've seen the CAD renders and now Cavalex have let us get our hands on the first 3D print of their locomotive.

The Cavalex Models Class 91 and Mark 4 carriages will be released in 4mm and 2mm scales. The model we have photographed is in 4mm scale.

Proposed liveries:

Inter-City Swallow – Class 91 and Mark 4 carriages (Running numbers to be confirmed)

LNER – Class 91 and Mark 4 carriages

LNER – 91119 'Bounds Green Intercity depot 1977-2017

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The price per locomotive will be £179.99, plus postage and packaging, for the original Intercity, GNER, LNER and the special present-day InterCity livery.

LegomanBiffo DCC sound fitted with an EM2 speaker will be available for £259.99. (Prices may be subject to change based on CAD design alterations. Cavalex will inform customers of any changes)

Pre-orders are being accepted on the Cavalex website.


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