Ferro-Train updates drivetrain technology catalogue

26 April 2021
A year after presenting its first Drive Technology catalogue, the Austrian manufacturer reflects its latest component updates in its second edition catalogue, available to browse online.

Ferro-Train has updated its component and complete drive catalogue – a range which now includes 481 items across 100 pages and which caters for a number of scales and gauges.

Ferro-Train commented, "We have tried to simplify the search for the right component and here, a picture is worth a thousand words. Numerous components are now shown as dimensioned drawings and allow a better overview of the variety of options."

Its individual drives have also been further developed. In addition to the small but powerful bell-shaped armature drives, new wheelbases and popular parts sets for its common drives are now available. The range of spare parts has been expanded to include simple but hard-to-find components such as flywheels and cardan shafts.

Ferro-Train drive train motors

The manufacturer's range of drive-train components is aimed at modellers producing 3D-printed models, or smaller manufacturers who produce limited-edition kits, and those seeking a motorisation platform. For 3D-pinted kit artists, the manufacturer is offering a drive-train service, where it chooses a tailor-made drive set for your model, making it easier for customers to order.

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To browse the catalogue, and for further details on its range, including current pricing and availability, visit the Ferro-Train website.


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