Faller celebrates 75th anniversary with 200 new products

19 January 2021
The long-established German manufacturer will mark its 75th anniversary in 2021, with more than 200 new products set to arrive with stockists.

Faller GmbH is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, in which customers and fans will be presented with around 200 new products from the Faller and Pola G in-house brands, which will appear in stores in the first half of this year.

The manufacturer is promising more than 200 new products between its Faller, Pola G, Miniature Figures and Military ranges, which will appear with Faller stockists between now and June, and is beginning its celebratory year with the publishing of its News 2021 No. 1 brochure of new models. The second part of the Faller’s 2021 new range is said to follow this autumn.

Faller 130820 Bran Castle

An anniversary model of the legendary Romanian castle fortress, Bran Castle, headlines its new range. As part of its premium range of models, the true-to-original HO scale kit might inspire modellers to dream and plan. The kit builds into a 490mm x 325mm x 415mm structure.

Further building models from continental European countries with regional influences are to be added, from Black Forest building sets, to a motorised windmill in Z gauge, plus many accessories.

Faller 180357 Platform truck

Its (150357) Platform truck is said to have a number of inter-changeable parts to allow variants to be constructed. The vehicle is typical of the types seen around large stations of yesteryear, or airports today. 

In other news, its car system is to be updated. The digital vehicle and traffic control system is getting its most extensive update to date in the anniversary year, featuring radio-based hardware in a handy USB stick, with optimized graphics and a new software interface with ‘dark mode’ for use if operating an illuminated layout with room lights switched off.

Faller 150389

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Faller's (150389) Petrol station though to 3.5mm:1ft scale will no doubt find many homes on British-outline layouts.

As part of its scenic offerings, the manufacturer has developed a new product called 2K model water. It says this is “the best opportunity to dare something new and design a pond, lake or river.” Its LED lighting range sees further additions, offering more variety for street, park and atmospheric lighting.

Faller 120377

Its (120377) electricity pylon kit is to be sold as a twin-pack in kit-form.

Commenting on its celebratory year, the Black Forest-based scenic accessory manufacturing specialist concurred with the growing trend in popularity of model-making, as the hobby is rediscovered, becoming even more colorful, diverse and appealing to younger audiences. The manufacturer said, “We would like to thank all customers, partners and friends for the recognition that the company and its employees has experienced for 75 years and we warmly welcome all those we are just getting to know.

Horst Neidhard, Managing Partner of Faller said, “Be ready for an outstanding model building year! Updates and dates for possible celebrations in the second half of the year will be announced as soon as the situation allows reliable commitments.”

For updates and pricing on new product arrivals, see your local Faller stockist.



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