Exclusive Dynamometer Car in N announced

20 December 2023
As part of the new Railway Icons brand, a new partnership between Rails of Sheffield and Locomotion Models, Locomotion Models has revealed an exclusive N gauge Dynamometer Car.

Produced by Rapido, the new model is available to pre-order today for £99.95 direct from the Locomotion Models website and will be shipped next year.

Built at Darlington Works by the North Eastern Railway in 1960, the North Eastern Railway Dynamometer Car’s role was to accurately and scientifically measure the performance of railway vehicles. It originally entered service under the number 3591, painted NER Crimson Lake. However, in the 1923 Grouping, which saw the NER integrated into the LNER, it started to be used extensively by Chief Engineer, Nigel Gresley. In 1924, it was renumbered 3591Y and painted in a lined imitation teak finish, and in 1928, it was renumbered again to 23591, featuring updates with Gresley’s design of bogies.

On 3 July 1938, it became part of railway history, when it was used to record the speed runs on the East Coast Mainline, capturing the record-breaking 126mph run completed by Gresley’s A4 Pacific Class No.4468 Mallard.

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Following many years of service, including being used in the 1948 Locomotive Exchange Trials by British Railways, it now lives in preservation as part of the National Collection at the National Railway Museum in York. 

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