Exclusive: Dapol – new Class 66 for 'N'

18 March 2023
Third 'Next Generation' diesel-outline model promised for 2mm:1ft scale, with re-designed chassis, electronics and newly-tooled body.

Dapol has launched its third 'next generation' diesel locomotive for N gauge at the London Festival of Railway Modelling this weekend. The model promises an entirely re-designed chassis, electronics and a newly-tooled body. The manufacturer has said that models will also be sound capable. 

Nine liveries spanning the eras of the Class are promised in its first batch of models, with the locomotives expected to arrive with stockists in Q2, 2024. RRPs are expected to be £172.80 for DCC Ready, £205.20 for DCC fitted and £291.60 for DCC sound-fitted.

Speaking about the new model, Dapol's Neil Morrlle said: "This model will incorporate our new iron-cored five-pole motor offering excellent slow running and exceptional pulling power with reliability and robustness."

Models are said to have the following specification:

  • Smooth running five-pole next generation motor
  • All-wheel pick-up
  • All-wheel drive via re-worked 'smooth drive' low maintenance mechanism.
  • Die-cast chassis
  • DCC sound ready, Next-18 decoder socket (recommended six function decoder)
  • Independent directional front/rear main lighting control – day and night lighting with four light clusters being modelled
  • Independent directional front/rear cab lighting control
  • Main lamp and cab lighting override switches for DC users (independent front/rear control)
  • Two cab window designs modelled
  • Removable self-centring close coupling mechanism with NEM pockets
  • Standard NEM fitting N gauge couplers
  • RP 25 wheels
  • Newly-tooled detailed body and fittings
  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings
  • Clip-fit body for easier DCC fitting
  • All factory fitted DCC locomotives will be fitted with Dapol’s new Imperium Next 18 decoder

Liveries promised are as follows:

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-001) 66001 DB Red

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-002) 66096 EWS

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-003) 66531 Freightliner Original

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-004) 66528 Freightliner Powerhaul Madge Elliott MBE - Borders Railway Opening 2015

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Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-005) 66706 GBRf Nene Valley

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-006-006) 66734 Jubilee Pink Platinum Jubilee

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-007) 66779 BR Lined Green Evening Star

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-008) 66428 DRS Plain Blue Carlisle Eden Mind

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

(2D-066-009) 66846 Colas Rail

The Class 66 is a type of Co-Co heavy freight locomotive and was originally ordered by EWS to replace and update the freight fleet post privatisation in 1996. 250 Class 66s were ordered from General Motors Electromotive Division (EMD) and these were built in London, Ontario, Canada. Subsequent freight operators, Freightliner, GB Railfreight and Direct Rail Services (DRS) also ordered batches of these locomotives. Overall the locomotive has been successful in service, offering improved reliability and performance over its predecessors.

However the locomotive has also had its critics, partly due to the comfort the design offered drivers and staff and probably their ubiquity, ousting many different types of British built locomotives commonly seen prior to its commissioning. As a testament to the commercial success of the Class 66, it has been certified for use in many European countries (known as the Series 66) and can be seen commonly in Germany, Poland and Sweden amongst others. During its long service, the locomotive has been modified many times including low emission variants for greener running and highly geared models for hauling heavier loads albeit at slower speeds. The Class 66 is still in operation and is used by DB, GBRf, Freightliner, DRS and Colas Rail.


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Just wonder what on the on the track weight this model will be as the last incarnation (2022) of Dapol N 66 was a disappointing 66g and the 2009 version was 71g. Be great if it was about 100g as it’s supposedly a model of a heavy haul loco, so weight affects greatly models pulling power

Posted by Alan Jefferys on Sat 18 Mar 15:13:22