Ellis Clark shares decorated samples of 'Presflo'

12 April 2021
The manufacturer reveals its forthcoming wagons in their respective liveries, with deliveries of models expected late-summer.

Ellis Clark Trains has shared images of decorated samples of its finescale O gauge presflo wagons. A visible confirmation that the project is progressing project, the model release which the manufacturer has been working on for a number of years will be its first solely under the Ellis Clark Trains brand.

The manufacturer commented, "we have left nothing to the imagination when it comes to the detail. Everything has been carefully and thoroughly researched and designed from the ground up."

Presflo Ellis Clarke Trains

Representing a plain BR Bauxite brown version of the 'Presflos', the above model is supplied with a transfer sheet providing additional running numbers and letters, allowing modellers to customise wagons.

Presflo Ellis Clarke Trains

Models features fine detailing throughout, researched and designed using original drawings and dimensions, cross-referenced with photographs of original and rebuilt wagons. Fine pipework, handles and small detailed parts in plastic and metal are also promised. A die-cast chassis with sprung buffers, three-link couplings and sprung axle boxes are fitted as standard.

Presflo Ellis Clarke Trains

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The standard of decoration looks impressive and models are expected to run on Peco 2nd radius curves (1028mm).

For further details including pricing and availability, visit the Ellis Clarke Trains website.


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