EFE reveals Newton Chambers car transporters for 'OO'

17 June 2023
Now in production, delivery of this new 4mm:1ft scale rolling stock is expected later this year.

As part of its EFE Rail range, Bachmann has today announced all-new OO scale models of the Newton Chambers Car Carriers for 4mm:1ft scale.

Available as individual models, allowing authentic train formations to be created as desired, EFE Rail's models are said to be in production with delivery expected towards the end of 2023. Eight models are being produced and these can be ordered from Bachmann stockists now, with an RRP of £59.95 each.

EFE Newton Chambers car transporter

The double-deck bogie vehicles were built by Newton, Chambers & Co. in 1961 and were delivered to British Railways’ Eastern Region. A total of 14 vehicles were built to carry six cars each: two in a well between the bogies and four on the upper deck up. Although usually employed on Anglo Scottish trains, these vehicles were built and registered to UIC standards allowing them to work on train ferry services to the continent.

EFE Newton Chambers car transporter

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Built with through steam heat pipes and vacuum brakes, by the mid-1970s several had been fitted with through ETH and all had been so fitted by the early- 1980s, when Mk. 3 Sleeping Coaches were introduced. Outshopped in BR lined maroon livery with ‘Eastern Region Car Transporter’ lettering, the introduction of ‘Motorail’ services in 1966 saw them repainted into BR’s corporate blue & grey scheme with ‘Motorail’ branding applied.

EFE Newton Chambers car transporter

Originally coded TCV for ‘Two-Tier Motor Car Van’, under TOPS they later became NVV when fitted with vacuum brakes and NVX once dual-fitted with vacuum and air brakes. Withdrawals commenced during the 1980s and all had gone by the end of the decade.

Bachmann said, "The EFE Rail model captures the distinct character of these vehicles, with finely-moulded panel lines throughout the model and accurate end detailing. The bogies, with their unique 6ft 9in. wheelbase, are something to behold; capturing the relief of the axleboxes and spring leaf suspension, with full brake gear push/pull rods and safety loops fitted separately between the frames.

EFE Newton Chambers car transporter

"Pinpoint metal wheels ensure smooth running whilst the tension lock coupling is mounted via NEM socket which is mounted on a close-coupling mechanism built into the vehicle’s floor. Two buffer beam arrangements are catered for in these initial releases, depicting the vehicles as built with vacuum brakes and through-piped for steam heating, or in later operation when dual braked and fitted for through-ETH."


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