EFE Rail launches OO gauge 'Booster'

01 November 2023
Bachmann has invested in a suite of brand-new tooling to model the Southern Railway Booster locomotives.

This pair of pioneering electric locomotives has never been produced in model form before and Bachmann’s tooling covers a timescale of almost thirty years, capturing the various changes and modifications that the real locomotives underwent during this time. Five models make up the launch range catering for Southern Railway and BR Southern Region modellers all the way from the first days in traffic through to the final operations in 1969.


E82001    EFE Rail    OO    SR Bullied Booster CC1 SR Grey

E82002    EFE Rail    OO    SR Bullied Booster CC1 SR Green

E82003    EFE Rail    OO    SR Bullied Booster 20002 BR Black

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E82004    EFE Rail    OO    SR Bullied Booster 20002 BR Green

E82005    EFE Rail    OO    SR Bullied Booster 20001 BR Blue


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