DVT gets ‘Flying Scotsman’ treatment

17 August 2023
Arriving with Hornby stockists this month...

Rounding up the release of Hornby’s Mk. 4 coaches in LNER livery is this Mk. 4 Driving Van Trailer (R40370) representing 82205. Carrying a recommended retail price of £84.99, the free-running model fitted with working lights, also benefits from sprung buffers, and an excellent high-quality rendition of the vinyls seen on the prototype.

Flying Scotsman Hornby DVT

Scottish Saltire, and ‘Flying Scotsman’ name. A modern interpretation of a famous train.

Flying Scotsman Hornby DVT

The 'chiselled' edge to the DVT cabs were designed to echo those of the then newly-introduced Class 91s. Hornby's rendition works well.

Flying Scotsman Hornby DVT

Small lettering and OHLE warning labels stand out well. Painted door handles and handrails are neat, too.

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Flying Scotsman Hornby DVT

Accessory pack contains air hoses, and an NEM-mounted close coupling device. Better get them fitted!


Flying Scotsman Hornby DVT

Noting quite sells the concept of a named train than a fancy headboard. High-speed practice puts an end to that, so a vinyl does the job instead. Hornby's iteration of the LNER artwork is neat, though the yellow around the cab windows was applied 'enthusiastically'.

See your local Hornby stockist, or the Hornby website for more details. 

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