Dust and Rust effects – out now from Lifecolor

30 November 2022
New weathering packs for modellers arrive in stock with premier UK Lifecolor stockist, The Airbrush Company.

Lifecolor's latest weathering packs for model-makers have arrived in stock with UK retailer, The Airbrush Company. Compact Dust (SPG08) and Compact Rust (SPG09) packs each contain a set of six 22ml colours, washes and pigments to create their desired effects. Packs are available to purchase from its website at £18.98 each.

Compact Dust contains: (UA705) Dust Type 1, (UA738) Deposited Dust, (LPW12) Road Dust, (LPW13) Light Earth, (LPW15) Soot and (PG105) Dry Dust.

Meanwhile, its Compact Rust set contains: (UA703) Rust Light Shadow 1, (UA704) Rust Light Shadow 2, (LPW06) Deep Rust, (LPW08) Eroding Light Rust, (LPW10) Yellow Marks, and (PG107) Eroding Burned Rust.

The acrylic-based sets can be used individually, mixed with other paints from its growing range and be applied by brush, airbrush or a combination of techniques, from cotton buds, to lining pens.

Lifecolor Paints Compact Dust Compact Rust

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Lifecolor recommends diluting its colours with water, and applying to the model with a paintbrush or airbrush. When the paint is dry, the surface can be wetted, to apply the liquid pigments to achieve the desired result. Each application should be left to dry before repeating. Washes can be removed or changed using its remover, even days after the application.

The dry powders included can be used to texture the paint, creating a more realistic surface appearance, and it is recommended to use a fixative, keeping them in place, if the model is to be handled. 

Further details of these products can be found on The Airbrush Company website.


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