Download this goods store model kit – for free

19 April 2022
Scalescenes introduces a free-to-download stores building kit, suitable for 2mm:1ft and 4mm:1ft scale modellers.

Modellers can download a goods store kit free of charge from model building print-at-home kit designer, Scalescenes. The manufacturer has designed its concrete-outline store kit (R002) to be printed at 2mm:1ft and 4mm:1ft scales at home by the modeller.

It is recommended to print the kit on quality matt paper, with printer settings set to 'photo quality' for best results. When printed, papers should be carefully glued to card (also available from the manufacturer), with parts cut out using a sharp scalpel.

scalescenes small goods store

The sliding door can be made to work, if desired.

The kit features photo-realistic textures, ideal for modellers wanting a realistic-looking model, but who aren't yet confident at weathering. The kit includes clapboard, brick piers and a corrugated iron roof version. A choice of painted or timber doors is provided, with signs suitable for different eras.

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For instructions on how to download the free kit, visit the Scalescenes website.





Try this link It worked for me. Thanks. Great newsletter.

Posted by Tim Holmes on Fri 22 Apr 22:27:10

Read this thought I would try but there does not seem to be a link on the Scalescenes website. Cheers and thanks for a brilliant magazine!

Posted by Brian Precious on Tue 19 Apr 14:25:29