DMG takeover Andy Lowe Electronics

03 June 2020
DMG Technical Ltd has announced the takeover of Andy Lowe Electronics, one of the major suppliers to the hobby of miniature and microelectronic components.

Following six years of operating and managing the business, Lesley and Andy Lowe decided to seek a way forward for the business. After discussions with many possible candidates, the decision was made to place the future of the business in the hands of Cardiff-based DMG Technical Ltd. 

Business owner, David Geary, and his team of engineers aim to provide the service, support and technical advice from both a technical and model railway background. The new form of the business will be placed under the DMG Electech banner and will provide for larger purchasing power and development of new products which will only benefit the modeler. 

Andy Lowe commented, “DMG will be the right company to help our clients in the future with their journey in model railway electronics.” 

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