DMG Electech stocks static grass applicator

11 January 2022
The electronics specialist retails an entry-level grass application system, aimed at modellers with a smaller budget.

Model railway tool and electronic specialist, DMG Electech is stocking a new hand-held electrostatic grass applicator. The entry-level (SFC001) compact grass application system is available in three versions, powered by two 1.5V AA batteries.

A basic, two sieve or full set, with the further option for an etched metal template (AJ0044) from Alexen Models, is available for producing small tufts to larger grass patches.

DMG Electech commented, "The battery-powered units are produced by our partner manufacturer and are battery powered with a 0.15W output and are ideal for the modeller to treat areas of the baseboard or top up hard-to-reach areas."

DMG Electech static grass applicator

The 50mA 3000V high-voltage grille is powered by two 1.5V DC batteries and operation of the unit isn't recommended for children under 14 years of age. Included with the static grass applicator is a small pouch containing dark green 4mm static grass fibres and fine bristle 1in brush to assist removal of loose fibres in hard-to-reach areas.

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Brush and static grass DMG electech

Coming soon, DMG Electech is to introduce a range of new static grasses in commonly sought-after colours. Fibres are uniform in colour, and don't feature obscure red or black fibres to achieve the desired colour.

Static Grass DMG electech

For further details on the new static grass applicator range and static grasses from DMG Electech, including current pricing and availability, visit its website.


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