DMG Electech signs deal for new DC/DCC controller

04 March 2021
An innovative dual DC/DCC model railway controller is announced by the model railway component specialist, deliveries of which are expected late-March.

DMG Electech has unveiled plans for a new model railway controller, a prototype for which has been tested. Its latest new product for the railway modeller is said to have been created following extensive research, development and customer surveys and it believes solves a common problem facing modellers with DC and DCC-controlled locomotives.

Its forthcoming LD101 controller is to be manufactured by ANE MODEL and distributed to the trade via DMG Electech, a deal for which was signed earlier this week, with deliveries of units expected at the end of March.

The DCC controller features a DC button, allowing DC locomotives to run as normal, once driven to an isolated section of track, while a DCC button will allow users to return to the full suite of DCC control.

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DMG Electech DCC DC controller LD101

Its DCC specification promises 24 or 128 speed step control, main line programming, recall function, support for consisting, and accessory programming. The LD101 system is supplied with mains power supply, power module and controller.

For more details including pricing and availability, visit the DMG Electech website


The Retail price is £119.99 and it consists or mains transformer, command station, hand held control station, control cable and a full instruction manual. David DMG Electech

Posted by David Geary on Fri 12 Mar 12:07:51

The current webpage says £119, but It's not clear what this fully consists of until the new webpage and official announcement at the WOM V-exhibition on 15th Mar

Posted by Luke Stevens on Mon 08 Mar 13:57:46

What sort of price are we looking at?

Posted by Michael Clinick on Fri 05 Mar 19:13:10

My DC/DCC tracks are wired separately. Would this controller still be beneficial to me. Many thanks.

Posted by Barry Etheridge on Fri 05 Mar 18:42:15