DMG electech introduces innovative interior light bar

22 October 2020
The model railway electronics retail specialist creates a modular internal lighting board designed for the interiors of model EMUs, DMUs or coaches.

Following its recent acquisition of Andy Lowe electronics, DMG electec has relaunched a number of products and added to the range, its most versatile product being a new modular LED light bar.

Designed to be installed inside coaches, EMU or DMUs in 'OO', 'HO' or 'O', this LED lighting unit can be adjusted to length. Each LED module is fitted to a 20mm x 10mm board and has a micro two-pin power connector at each end. LEDs are offered in cool white and warm white variants, for era-specific applications.

DMG electech light bar coach interior

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Surface-mounted micro LEDs are mounted centre-most in each module, with male and female connectors at each end.

Each pack includes 10 LED modules, a 50mm x 10mm power supply module (which connects to a DCC decoder output, or directly to pickups for DC users) and two red LEDs on flying leads connected to a 20mm x 10mm module, with a swappable white LED for head and tail lights. Self-adhesive fixing pads and instructions are included. For DCC users, current draw is 320mA.

For more information, including current pricing and availability, visit the DMG electech website.


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