Dexter's Cove figures for N and 3mm:1ft scales

07 September 2020
The custom 3D-printing part and figure manufacturer is adapting items from its range to cater for N gauge and 3mm:1ft scale modellers.

Dexter's Cove is adapting its range of model figures for OO and O scales, in a bid to make them available to modellers in N and 3mm:1ft scales. The 3D-printed figures are to be made available to purchase from its website and are supplied unpainted.

Recent additions to the manufacturers' figure range include a pair of joggers, caught 'in-motion'. Representing young adults, the two figures are 3D-printed in resin and require painting to complete.

dexters cove models 3D printed joggers figures

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Joining its range of modular industrial building components this month is a rectangular window, also available in a pack of six-pack. The window is sized at 19mm x 39mm for OO gauge and 33mm x 64mm for O gauge, to suit its modular wall sections. Wall dimensions are 267mm x 75mm, extending in 55mm units.

rectangular 3D printed window

For current pricing and availability, visit its website.


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