Destination boards added to Sankey Scenics range

24 November 2021
Joining its growing range of model railway signage products are British Railways Eastern Region coach boards.

Sankey Scenics has produced 4mm:1ft scale packs of coach boards suitable for British Railways Eastern Region coaching stock. Ideal for detailing ex-LNER passenger coaches of Gresley and Thompson designs of the British Railways period, packs include destinations such as Edinburgh, Newcastle or Doncaster from Kings Cross, Leeds to Bradford, Liverpool St. to Norwich, Marylebone to Leicester and more.

Packs are printed in high resolution on quality photographic card. Sankey Scenics is offering bespoke packs for destinations not currently available from stock, or destinations unique to their layouts. Though currently produced solely for 4mm:1ft scale, the boards can be manufactured for other scales, too.

Sankey Scenics Coah Boards

The range complements the extensive range of its other board types, such as Titled Trains of the 1950s/60s, the pre-war Titled Trains and Mk. 1 destination boards currently offered. 26 different sets are being offered.

LNER coaching stock designed by Gresley and Thompson carried three sets of bracket holders on the lower roof line to accommodate coach boards. The individual boards were eight feet in length, and the number installed depended on the number of destinations represented.

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For further details on the packs available, pricing and availability, visit the Sankey Scenics website.


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