Departmental and 'test train' Mk. 2C coaches revealed

20 April 2023
Two new non-passenger liveries to join Accurascale's forthcoming production run of Mk. 2 coaches, expected to arrive Q4, 2023.

Accurascale has revealed two new 'Accurascale Exclusive' Mk. 2c coaches for OO / 4mm:1ft scale. These are to represent Mk. 2c QXA DB 977390, and Mk.2c QPA DB 977787 in Civil Engineers livery with Intercity branding, depicting two coaches that found careers after their passenger carrying duties had ceased.

The manufacturer has said that coaches are "primed for production" and will begin once the Mk. 2b production run is complete, with models due to arrive in stock in Q4, 2023 priced at £59.95, each.

Mk. 2c QXA DB 977390

One of the most widely-travelled of the BR survivors was DB 977390 (ex-M6410/M3164), which became a QXA brake force runner for the Civil Engineer’s Mobile Track Assessment fleet in early 1987 and usually operated with DB 977339, a former Mk.1 BSK, and either BR High Speed Track Recorder coach DB999550 or the London Underground’s own track recorder vehicle TRC 666.

Mk. 2c coaches Accurascale

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It was one of just two Mk. 2c to gain the MTA red stripe embellishment on its standard blue/grey livery. It later moved to Crewe and became part of the depot’s electric locomotive test train, complete with plated bodyside windows. It survived the disbanding of this formation and was acquired for preservation, eventually coming under the custodianship of Eastern Rail Services, which allowed Accurascale to survey the almost completely intact BR-period interior of this vehicle as part of its Mk. 2 project. The vehicle resides at Great Yarmouth and will eventually be restored to its original external condition.

Mk. 2c QPA DB977787

Mk.2c QPA

While most Mk. 2c retained their blue/grey livery during their often short departmental service, one of the long-lasting vehicles was Civil Engineer/InterCity West Coast Staff & Tool Coach DB 977787, renumbered with few obvious external or internal differences from Brake Second Open M9453 in May 1992.

One of three BSO to transfer to departmental use and one of just a handful of coaches to be repainted in the grey/yellow ‘Dutch’ livery, it also carried the lettering 'InterCity Civil Engineer Preston'. It was initially based at Carnforth for use on the North West section of the WCML, although it was recorded at Doncaster by 1993. It later gained a generator, which involved significant reworking of the brake end gangways and the replacement of several windows with grilles.



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