Deluxe Materials unveils adhesives for 2020

18 March 2020
The modelling consumables manufacturer reveals new glues for modellers at the Nuremberg 2020 toy fair.

Deluxe Materials has shared images of its new adhesives, arriving shortly with its distributors.

The manufacturer is producing a 25mL bottle of Laser-Cut Kit Glue (AD87). Designed for the rapid construction of wood and card laser-cut kits, the bottle has a twist-lock cap with a fine dispensing needle applicator which can be removed for cleaning. The low viscosity formula and needle applicator ensure easy application directly onto open or pre-assembled joints, typically found in laser-cut kits. The adhesive is odourless and can bond plastics and painted wood. The bottle is supplied with two dispensing needles and a stainless steel cleaning pin.

Deluxe Materials UV Roket glue

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Deluxe Materials' (AD88) UV light-activated adhesive.

Roket UV (AD88) is a new ultra-violet light-activated adhesive for tasks that require careful positioning and a strong hard cure on demand. The adhesive allows parts to be positioned correctly before it is cured using the UV light supplied. Roket UV bonds hard plastic, glass reinforced plastic, wood and metal and dries clear. The adhesive cures in between one and three seconds, is odourless and can be over-painted. The 5g bottle is supplied with a UV light. Deluxe Materials has also released a useful 20g top-up bottle (AD89) of the adhesive.

For more information and current pricing, visit its website, or see your local stockist.



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