'Deltics' for 'O' – decorated samples emerge

23 March 2023
Ahead of their arrival with stockists, Heljan shares images of factory-decorated examples.

Arriving this year, Heljan's eagerly-anticipated new models for 7mm:1ft scale of the English Electric-built Co-Co 'Deltic' locomotives are progressing well, as demonstrated by its sharing images of factory-decorated samples.

An impressive 10 variants are promised, covering locomotives in their 1976-82 guise, with three variants in 'as-preserved' condition with hi-headlight, as follows:

  • (5520) BR blue 55003 Meld
  • (5521) BR blue unnumbered
  • (5522) BR blue 55015 Tulyar (white cabs)
  • (5523) BR blue unnumbered (white cabs)
  • (5524) BR green 55002 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (full yellow ends)
  • (5525) BR railtour blue 55022 Royal Scots Grey
  • (5526) BR blue 55021 Argyll & Sutherland Highlander (weathered)
  • (5530) BR green D9000 Royal Scots Grey (small yellow warning panel, hi-headlight)
  • (5531) BR blue 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier (hi-headlight)
  • (5532) BR blue unnumbered (white cabs, hi-headlight)

Models are to be produced DCC-ready, with a new DCC XL-pin decoder interface, interior detail, directional and interior lighting, plus sprung buffers and couplings. Models are designed to make the installation of smoke units easier, too.

Here are some of the photographs shared with us:

Heljan Deltic 5521

Available unnumbered (5521) in BR blue, modellers can apply transfers to create specific locomotives, or use one of Heljan's retailers that offers this service. 

5520 Heljan Deltic

Underframe and roof grille details have us impressed. Note engine room details behind bodyside windows, too.

Heljan Deltic 5532

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Another unnumbered variant (5532) sees white-painted cabs, with post-1998 OHLE warning flashes to the noses.

Heljan Deltic 5531

(5531) 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier', with high-intensity headlight, in as-preserved condition, it too carrying post-1998 warning flashes.


Heljan's re-tooled models are designed to accommodate two 'earth mover' speakers and two smoke units. The above images represent decorated samples, and don't necessarily reflect the appearance of production models. Look out for updates on World of Railways as these models become available and we're able to review them.


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