Decorated 'Siphon G' samples from Accurascale

21 July 2022
The manufacturer updates on its OO gauge GWR/BR 'Siphon G' bogie vans, in development update.

Since announcing its latest exclusive release, the Enparts 'Siphon G' a few weeks ago with bespoke tooling to cover the vans at the end of their mainline careers, Accurascale has previewed the full range.

Decorated samples allow the manufacturer to assess livery application on models, the quality of the paint finish, and the colours used, for better results on the production run of models. These samples allow for fit and finish checking of parts, and while said to be good in many areas on these samples, Accurascale added, "there is room for improvement in several aspects."

Accurascale Siphon G

Its design team has instructed the factory to correct areas on the production models, an example from the first samples being the bodyside planking arrangement. On new samples, this has been retooled for a more accurate representation of the vans. Further improvement has been made on the first samples with the location of the end gangways. These have been lowered slightly following feedback and additional research. However, this is not immediately apparent on these samples as the original gangway parts have been used. Production models are to use new parts to complete the effect.

Accurascale Siphon G

Regarding livery application, most have been approved for the production models, apart from the Enparts shade of green and the BR maroon livery. Accurascale said, " [this] needs a closer matching to the swatch samples [we] originally provided to the factory. However, this is all part of the correction process and the whole point of the decorated samples."

Accurascale Siphon G

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Accurascale is to use a matt finish on production models, moving away from the satin finish on these samples to be more representative of a wooden bodied vehicle. Wheels will also be blackened to a new standard, along with the metal buffers.

Final tweaks are minor in the production process, but aim to elevate models. The sheer variation and detail Accurascale have put into these vans sets a new bar when it comes to non-passenger carrying coaching stock and allows them to depict these iconic vans across their long and varied career.

Accurascale Siphon G

With such minor amendments required, production is expected to start soon, allowing the schedule for delivery in late Q4 2022/early Q1 2023 to be maintained ahead of the factory closure for Chinese New Year.

Modellers can pre-order their 'Siphon G' today at a price of £54.95 from their local stockist, or direct via the Accurascale website. Its Enparts variant is only available direct via Accurascale as part of its Exclusives range. See the Accurascale website or your local stockist for availability.


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