Decorated samples under review for Dapol ‘grampus’

06 May 2022
The manufacturer's 2mm:1ft scale model of the long-lived two-axle ballast wagon gains new livery variations.

Dapol is reviewing decorated samples for seven new guises of its 20.5T (ZBV) 'grampus', models of which are due soon in Q2, 2022. The following guises are proposed:

  • (2F-060-014) Grampus BR Black DB984292
  • (2F-060-015) Grampus BR Black DB985834
  • (2F-060-016) Grampus Olive Green DB984363
  • (2F-060-017) Grampus Indian red DB985730
  • (2F-060-018) Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB990518
  • (2F-060-019) Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB991673
  • (2F-060-020) Grampus Engineers Grey/Yellow 'Dutch' DB991471

Dapol grampus wagon N gauge

The trio of engineer's wagons in yellow and grey 'dutch' livery will rapidly bolster wagon fleets. By this time, the wagons often ran in several numbers, or block trains.

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Images of these pre-production models aren't reflective of the final models, and are subject to change if deemed necessary. Models will continue to feature a finely-moulded chassis and body, with NEM pockets and are expected to carry accurately-applied liveries.

The Grampus wagon was the principal open wagon used by BR from the 1950s until the early 1980s. Their design incorporating three drop down sides and removable end planks made them very versatile enabling them to carry everything from ballast to signal posts. Many thousands were manufactured covering several design patterns and could be seen singularly or in blocks across all regions of BR.

For further details on the above models, including pricing and availability, visit your Dapol stockist, or the Dapol website.


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