Decorated samples of Accurascale’s Mk. 1 suburban coaches arrive

26 May 2023
Accurascale has revealed its Mk. 1 suburban coaches have reached decoration sample stage and have now been reviewed by the team, who confirm that there is room for some improvements.

Firstly, the footboards will be corrected, with the samples using wavy parts that will have much better rigidity once on the final models that will land in modellers hands.

On the whole, Accurascale is very happy with the colour shade of the coach bodies, between BR Blue and Carmine they look excellent and faithful renditions of both liveries. However, the shade of brown used for the BR Blue coaches is incorrect, and will be a much darker shade on the finished models. There will also be improvements to the shade used on the battery boxes.

The new models also feature fully-painted interiors, etched luggage racks and printed detail such as route maps, all visible via the removable magnetic roof and fully lit.

With the corrections now fed back to the factory, production can now commence and a delivery date of Q4 2023 is expected. 

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Available to pre-order today via the Accurascale website, prices start at £64.95. 

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