Decorated sample of NB 10800 seen

29 November 2022
Heljan's forthcoming OO gauge locomotive is photographed for the first time in decorated sample state.

Announced earlier this year, Heljan's OO gauge model of the North-British Type 2 was displayed for the first time as a decorated sample at the Warley NEC model railway exhibition last weekend. The model is still expected to be delivered early 2023, and is to be available in a choice of four liveries:

  • (1080) BR Early Emblem black/silver 10800 (SR/LMR condition)
  • (1081) BR Early Emblem black 10800 (SR/LMR condition) Weathered
  • (1082) BR Early Emblem black/silver 10800 (final BR condition)
  • (1083) BR Late Crest green 10800

Heljan NB 10800 locomotive

The locomotive in its final livery under BR ownership of late green with late crest (1083).

From handling the locomotive, we were very impressed with the level of observation and work that has gone into manufacturing this model. Heljan has a reputation of manufacturing models of prototype locomotives in OO and O scales, and this decorated sample leaves us with high hopes for the production batch of this unique locomotive to follow. 

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The brass mesh grille atop the long nose looked fine, while for the first time, the turned brass buffer heads were disguised under a layer of paint. We didn't have the chance to test the working marker and cab lights, or its running qualities, but Heljan has a long-established reputation in manufacturing diesel-outline models with smooth and powerful running qualities. 

For further details, see your local Heljan stockist, or its website.


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