DCC Concepts reveals bundle packs

02 August 2021
Following the success of its 'Ultimate Layout Control Bundle', 'Ultimate Model Railway Tool Pack' and 'Ultimate Soldering Collection', the manufacturer creates three new packages for modellers.

DCC Concepts is releasing a number of new bundle packs for modellers, all focused around layout control. Following on the back of its previous soldering, tool and layout control packs, three new layout control packs are created for modellers.

Its first, the Ultimate Turnout Control Pack (DCD-UTC) is aimed at those motorising their turnouts who want more realistic slow-action changes, with a simple control panel. Plug-and-play means that the only thing required by the modeller is adding a little wire. The turnout control pack contains everything required to motorise and control 12 turnouts on a layout.

DCC Concepts Ultimate Turnout Control Bundle

Contained in the pack is an Alpha Central Integrated 12-Way Switch (DCD-AEC), Alpha DCC Power Bus Driver (DCD-SNX), a 12V Power Supply (DCP-12.3) and 12-pack of Cobalt iP Digital Turnout Motors (DCP-CB12DiP)

The contents of the pack create a separate control bus for the turnout motors, meaning that it can be used with DC, DCC, AC, or three-rail layouts.

Its second bundle is a Control Panel Pack for NCE Systems (DCD-ACS.W) and contains two Alpha Switch D White (12-pack) (DCD-DSW), an Alpha Encoder Unit (12 inputs) (DCD-AEU), an Alpha AEU – Alpha Switch D Wires (12-pack) (DCD-SW12.150), an Alpha Connection Cable (DCD-ACL) and a 12V Power Supply (DCP-12.3). The setup is designed to create an illuminated control panel.

Control Pack NCE DCC Concepts

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Meanwhile, a pack containing a Cobalt-S Lever 12-pack (DCP-CBS12), an Alpha Encoder Unit (12 inputs) (DCD-AEU) and an Alpha Connection Cable (DCD-ACL) is designed to allow modellers to create their own signal box control panel. Alpha provides a fully-customisable layout control panel with only one cable to a layout. Alpha allows modellers to control digital accessories with physical switches and puts an end to multiple button presses!

DCC Concepts lever pack

Designed for all NCE DCC systems (NCE PowerCab / PowerHouse Pro / PowerHouse Pro Radio), its Alpha DCC System Power Upgrade Bundle is required for other systems.

For full details, including current pricing and availability of these bundles, visit the DCC Concepts website.





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