DCC Concepts manufactures storage cassettes

04 November 2021
Owing to popular demand, the manufacturer reveals longer units for the transportation or storage of models.

DCC Concepts has launched two new storage cassettes, which can double as service cradles. Already available in shorter lengths, its new units are longer, allowing multiple units or a short locomotive and train consist to be lifted on or off a layout, without being handled.

Referring to its units as Motive Power Depots (MPDs), the manufacturer has said that its units are perfect for transporting to the club or a show and "so secure you can even post a locomotive across the world in it". The new units prevent the need to couple and uncouple trains, too.

DCC Concepts MPD locomotive service cradles

Its MPD-1120 measures 1120mm in length and is long enough for a Bachmann 4-BEP or similar length trains, while its longer MPD-1680 at 1680mm is long enough for a Bachmann six-car Midland Pullman, or another train of similar length.

Commenting on the new releases, Sales Manager of DCC Concepts, Richard Brighton said, "Following the success of our Motive Power Depot range, we were asked repeatedly for longer units which could be used as storage or transportation cassettes. We have therefore launched two new products which are now available to order."

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For further details, pricing and availability, visit the DCC Concepts website.


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