DCC Concepts adds high-power decoder to range

06 November 2020
Joining its Zen family of DCC decoders, the new eight-pin Midi High Power 'chip' is aimed at current-hungry locomotives.

DCC Concepts has added to its Zen range of DCC decoders with the launch of its Zen eight-pin Midi High Power decoder. Designed with power-hungry older OO/HO locomotives with less-efficient motors or O gauge locomotives in mind, the decoder includes a removable harness to prevent decoder damage during installation.

As with its other Zen Black decoders, the decoder offers extended automatic braking and shuttle abilities, advanced brown-out protection (back up power acting like a capacitor) and is said to have an intuitive and accessible set-up in one step. DCC Concepts commented, "like all in the Zen range, the team at DCCconcepts insist perfection and test everything at least three times before they are packed for sale!"

The decoder specifications promise a peak power total output of 3A, 1.5A continuous, with six function outputs and an eight-pin harness. The decoder measures 30 x 18.3 x 5mm, and carries ABC functionality including a DCC shuttle, though DCC Concepts' ABC boards will be required to enable this function. For current pricing and availability, visit the DCC Concepts website.

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