Darstaed/Ellis Clark Trains Black 5 CAD Renderings

09 December 2019
If you are anticipating the 7mm scale Black 5 locomotive announced earlier this year, you'll be pleased to see the first renderings of the model.

Expected Q1 of 2021 and priced at £949 for the DC/DCC Ready versions, and £1,199 for the DCC sound/synchro smoke versions.

The model will cover the long firebox version from the batch of 227 locomotives built by Armstrong Whitworth in 1936/7. This model, produced by Darstaed and available exclusively through Ellis Clark Trains, promises to boast a very impressive specification.

The majority of the model will be constructed from super finescale die-cast, having been carefully researched and designed using works drawings, original photos and preserved examples.

The CADs show the model fitted with AWS equipment, which will be supplied in the form of a detail pack with the locos.
They are now working on a 3D printed sample and hope to have this early in the New Year.


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  • Super detailed die-cast construction
  • Genuine ABC Helical Gearbox - built, fitted and tested in the UK
  • Maxon motor with ball bearing racers
  • Super detailed cab
  • Compensating axles
  • Removable working loco lamps
  • Firebox glow
  • DCC ready

For more details, visit the Ellis Clark website.


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