Darnall station refreshed by volunteers

20 October 2021
One of Northern’s South Yorkshire stations has been spruced up thanks to a team of volunteers.

The volunteers from Northern, Network Rail, Friends of Darnall Station and Sheffield University recently spent a day at Darnall station giving the station a makeover.  

The team painted a 40m-long wall which had been covered in graffiti, and then spent time litter picking and tidying up the platforms, underpass and surrounding areas.    

Darnell station

Tony Baxter, Regional Director at Northern said: “I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered to spend the day at Darnall – there has been an amazing transformation in just one day. 

“Our community partners are the heartbeat of the railway and we’re extremely proud to work closely with them to deliver such a wide-ranging positive impact for the north of England.” 

“Our work within the community is part of our wider programme of improvements at many of our stations – including improved accessibility, car park refurbishments and improved CCTV – to encourage all our customers to ‘go do their thing’ and explore the north.  

Darnell station

Matt Rice, Route Director for Network Rail’s North and East Route, said: “We’re proud to have joined this team of volunteers to create a lasting transformation which will put Darnall station back at the heart of the community.

Darnell station

“In recent years, the station had become a hotspot for fly-tipping and graffiti. By working in close partnership with Northern and local volunteers, we’ve been able to create a bright, clean and welcoming environment for people in the community and passengers.”

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