Dapol to make OO gauge GWR 78XX 4-6-0 'Manor'

04 March 2020
Western Region fans will have access to a new GWR/BR 4-6-0 locomotive anticipated to arrive in 2021.

Dapol has announces it is producing models of the GWR/BR 4-6-0 'Manor' class of locomotives. Thirty of these mixed-traffic locomotives were built, Nos. 7800-7819, between 1938 and 1939 and Nos. 7820-7829, in 1950. The locomotives were introduced as a lighter version of the GWR's 'Grange' class, with lighter boiler for greater route availability. The first batch of 20 used reconditioned parts from the GWR 43XX 'Moguls', but the last 10 built used new parts. Blastpipe and firebar alterations were carried out in 1952 to improve steaming and performance. Nine of the locomotives have survived into preservation.

Dapol has stated that many original general arrangement drawings were used in the development of its model. Models will feature many of the developments from its 'Mogul', including its award-winning slide-in PCB in the boiler for tool-free DCC fitting, and sugar cube speaker enclosure for sound models. A conductive drawbar will provide tender wheel pick-up and connections for a high bass speaker.

A die-cast compensated chassis and detailed cab interior with screw reverse will feature. The front pony truck is sprung and operates on a cam, allowing the model to negotiate second radius curves. A slide in PCB promises ‘tool-free’ installation of a Next-18 DCC decoder and a ’no-solder’ speaker connection. The board is expected to slide through the smoke box door and connect directly to the locomotive motherboard. An audio frequency filter will be integrated within the main locomotive PCB to ensure each speaker reproduces within its optimal frequency range. A firebox glow is also promised, synchronised with sound on fitted models. Seven variants have been promised, these being:

7800 Torquay Manor GW Green with roundel

7814 Fringford Manor GW Green GWR

7807 Compton Manor GW Green G Crest W

7823 Hook Norton Manor BR black small early crest with mixed-traffic lining

7819 Hinton Manor BR black large early crest

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7810 Draycott Manor BR lined green small early crest

7827 Lydham Manor BR lined green late crest

Models are expected to arrive in 2021, available in DC, DCC and DCC sound-fitted guises. Visit your local stockist or the dapol website for further details.




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