Dapol reveals running sample of 78XX 'Manor'

08 February 2021
Announced in March 2020, Dapol shares progress on its GWR 'Manor' Class locomotive with images of engineering prototypes and a running sample.

In its most significant update thus far on its GWR 78XX 'Manor' Class locomotive project for OO gauge, Dapol has shared a video of a working engineering prototype (EP) sample, hauling a typical train around its development test track, alongside CAD images, illustrating key details around its latest locomotive project.

Announced back in March 2020, the manufacturer has been relatively quiet on its project until today, when it unveiled a fully functional EP, along with the associated artworks.

Neil Morrlle of Dapol commented, "The EP is currently under evaluation by the various members of the design team and feedback is being provided to the factory. We expect to take delivery of the decorated samples in the spring of 2021 and have models out to our retail network by the Autumn time 2021."

Performance of the forthcoming model can be seen in the video below, showing an engineering prototype of its OO gauge 'Manor' on a turntable and in action on a train:

Dapol is proposing seven general release 'Manor' class locomotives in its first production run:

  • (4S-001-001) 7800 Torquay Manor – GWR Green – Monogram
  • (4S-001-002) 7814 Fringford Manor – GWR Green – GWR
  • (4S-001-003) 7807 Compton Manor – GWR Green – G Crest W
  • (4S-001-004) 7823 Hook Norton Manor – BR Black – Small Early Crest
  • (4S-001-005) 7819 Hinton Manor – BR Black – Large Early Crest
  • (4S-001-006) 7810 Draycott Manor – BR Green – Small Early Crest
  • (4S-001-007) 7827 Lyndham Manor – BR Green – Late Crest
  • (4S-001-008) 7820 Dinmore Manor – BR Black – Small Early Crest *

*Dapol is also to produce 'Dinmore Manor' in conjunction with the Gloucester and Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR). Sound-fitted models of the locomotive will feature a recording by Dapol of the locomotive taken at the GWSR for a bespoke sound track. Models of Dinmore Manor can only be ordered through the Dapol website or by contacting the GWSR directly.

Dapol added, "We will be donating all trade profits from the sale of any Dinmore Manor models sold through the Dapol website to the GWSR, along with an additional £5 donation to the Dinmore Locomotive Society."

Sound-fitted versions of the model are to be made available exclusively for pre-order through the Dapol website.

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Dapol 78XX front

EP sample demonstrates visible progress, while highlighting die-cast metal, injection-moulded parts and etched brass details.

  • A slide in PCB offers simple ‘tool-free’ installation of a NEXT-18 DCC decoder and a ’no-solder’ speaker connection. This board slides through the smoke box door and connects directly to the locomotive mother board.
  • The tender to locomotive drawbar includes reliable electrical connections moulded within the close-coupling push-fit coupling. This eliminates wired plugs and unreliable wiper style connections.
  • A total of 12 wheels split between the locomotive and tender have electrical pick-up, this is enhanced by the sprung centre driving wheel.
  • A sugar cube is mountable on the slide out PCB board and a Base Reflex speaker can be housed in the tender. An audio frequency filter is integrated within the main locomotive PCB to ensure each speaker responds within it’s ideal frequency range.
  • Improved firebox glow (synchronised with DCC sound)
  • Dapol’s proven slow speed mechanism and high torque five pole skew wound motor
  • Enhance your driving experience with our feature RealDrive*


Dapol 78XX manor OO gauge

Commenting on reception of its first EP, Dapol has said it has identified "potential areas of improvement" adding, "we have addressed these opportunities in the new OO gauge 'Manor' tooling and they will also be incorporated into future production runs of the 'Mogul' 2-6-0 and in the soon-to-be-released 'Prairie' 2-6-2."

Dapol 78XX buffer beam

Some of Dapol's improvements include an adjusted gearing in the 'Manor' and 'Prairie' to a 30:1 ratio for better slow speed running and a more accurate top speed, more detail to the crosshead, with "accurately portrayed die-cast motion bracket and slide-bars and a working representation of the vacuum pump", to be fitted as standard to the 'Manor'.

The manufacturer added that improvements to the firebox glow to better showcase this feature of the model have also been carried out, and these will be carried across to future releases of its 'Mogul' and new 'Prairie'.

Dapol 78XX manor locomotive

For more information, including current pricing and availability of Dapol's 78XX 'Manor', visit your local Dapol stockist's website or the Dapol website.


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