Dapol releases OO wagon for Breast Cancer

10 November 2023
Aiming to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research, Dapol has released a new wagon.

The OO Gauge Pink One Breast Cancer Containers are available in a twin pack priced at £17.83, or weathered at £18.95, and Dapol will donate £5.00 for every one sold through the website. 

Dapol commented, “With 50% of our workforce being female, there was a strong desire to do our small bit to try and help. That being said, breast cancer can also affect men directly. The containers have two QR codes (opposite sides), one will take you to information relating to female breast cancer, and the other will direct you to information relevant to male breast cancer.” 


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  • 40’ in length
  • Detailed moulded body
  • Detailed livery application
  • Light weathered finish available
  • Opening doors with separate locking bars
  • Designed to fit Dapol intermodal wagons

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