Dapol issues product recall

13 May 2020
A component used on models of its new motorised water tower blamed, as the manufacturer issues a recall of products.

Dapol is issuing a product recall on models of its 4mm:1ft / OO gauge water tower. The manufacturer has found that a sub-standard component used during production of motorised models has been discovered to fail when using a 15VAC power supply. 

The manufacturer explained "Dapol undertakes stringent testing on all of its products and only grants permission to go into production when we are confident that a product meets the very highest quality and safety standards. Subsequent to these approvals, we have discovered that a sub-standard component has been used during production of our operating water tower."

Dapol water tower

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Dapol is issuing a safety recall on 4A-002-002, 4A002-004, 4A-002-006 and 4A-002-008 products. "Replacement products with correctly-specified components will become available in due course," added Dapol.

If affected, customers are advised to arrange return of models to their place of purchase for refund.



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