Dapol announce O Gauge Riddles (Austerity) J94 0-6-0 Locomotive

07 March 2022
Introduced during the Second World War, the locomotives were built primarily for shunting duties. After the conflict ended, the military kept 90 for their railway system. 75 were sold to the LNER being classified as J94, some with modified coal bunker and extra steps, while others were sold for industrial use. Between 1948 and 1964 77 new Austerity locomotives were built for the NCB, which continued in use into the 1970’s with a total of 70 entering preservation.

Dapol's model promises the following features:

  • Firebox glow
  • Five pole skew wound motor with flywheel vertically mounted in the firebox
  • Slide in PCB accessed through the hinged smokebox door
  • DCC Ready with 21 pin DCC decoder socket
  • Plunger pick-ups from all six driving wheels  
  • Diecast chassis, footplate and coupling rods Sprung centre driving wheel to improve electrical pick up
  • One piece diecast saddle tank
  • Diecast driving wheels with turned metal plated tyres
  • Fully working inside motion – including connecting rods with pistons and valve eccentrics
  • Sprung buffers and 3-link couplings
  • Two cab and bunker variations
  • Full cab details
  • Cab roof removable secured by two magnets
  • Two separate chimney versions
  • Scale metal handrails
  • Opening/posable cab doors
  • Fully detailed Underframe and working internal motion

Dapol are proposing to produce a total of ten J94 0-6-0 locomotives in the first production run. 

    7S-094-001                 J94/Austerity  LNER Black 8006
    7S-094-002                 J94/Austerity  BR Black British Railways 68023
    7S-094-003                 J94/Austerity  BR Black Early Crest 68030
    7S-094-004                 J94/Austerity  BR Black Late Crest 68012
    7S-094-005                 J94/Austerity WD Black 75061
    7S-094-006                 J94/Austerity Wemyss WPR Lined Brown No 15
    7S-094-007                 J94/Austerity NCB Lined Green Whiston
    7S-094-008                 J94/Austerity United Steel Lined Red No 22
    7S-094-009                 J94/Austerity Mech Navvies Red 71515
    7S-094-010                 J94/Austerity LMR Lined Blue Errol Lonsdale 196

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CAD design is now complete and the project has moved to tooling. Dapol tell us that the first shots should be shown during the summer of 2022.

The recommended retail price is:

DCC Ready – £250.00    
DCC Fitted – £285.00    
DCC Sound Fitted – £380.00


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