Dapol adds model variants in new progress update

21 September 2021
Specialist shows held earlier this month yielded new developments and an opportunity to closer examine some of its forthcoming products.

Dapol made two model variation announcements at the Severn valley Railway's O gauge event on September 4 and 5, and has displayed EP samples of both 7mm:1ft scale models for the first time.

Its two-axle 'Merry-Go-Round' (MGR) hopper for O gauge is to be offered with additional tooling allowing production of the canopied variants of the wagons – the feature was used to increase load volumes and prevent loss of goods during transport.

Dapol's HAA and HEA models promise a detailed body shell and die-cast chassis with added fine details, sprung metal buffers and working instanter couplings. In addition, a metal sprung coupling hook with screw coupling, plus profiled wheels and axles in brass bearing pockets will feature.


Liveries announced of the canopied hoppers in addition to its already-announced hoppers without canopies are as follows:

  • (7F-048-009) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Brown Cradle) #350816
  • (7F-048-010) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Brown Cradle) #356264
  • (7F-048-011) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Red Cradle) #356189
  • (7F-048-012) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Red Cradle) #366040
  • (7F-048-013) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Blue Cradle) #350651
  • (7F-048-100) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Red Cradle) with Top Skip #351131
  • (7F-048-101) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Red cradle) with Top Skip #351678
  • (7F-048-102) MGR HAA Coal Wagon (Red Cradle) with Top Skip #352695

Many of the earlier wagons had canopies, but these were removed, and for many years canopied hoppers were only common in Scotland. The HAA hoppers were produced for the mass transport of coal from colliery to power station in non-stop loops known as `Merry-go-Round' operations, leading to the wagons being known as MGRs. Over 11,000 of the 32T hoppers were manufactured for BR, mainly at Shildon between 1964 and 1965.

Meanwhile, its 20T brake van is to see later air-braked modifications added to depict ZTO and CAR variants of the vans, correctly featuring Oleo hydraulic buffers, and roller bearing axleboxes and screw-link or instanter couplings, where appropriate. Its plan is to create models of the last batches to Diagrams 1/506 and 1/507, totalling 1,830 units, and an image of the new additions to its 7mm:1ft scale tooling has been revealed.

Dapol CAR brakevan

Models announced are as follows:

  • (7F-200-009) BR 20T Brake Van B951841 Grey
  • (7F-200-010) BR 20T Brake Van B951260 Bauxite
  • (7F-200-011) BR 20T Brake Van B953501 Bauxite (Oleo Roller Bearing)
  • (7F-200-012) BR 20T Brake Van B954768 Bauxite/Yellow (Air Braked)
  • (7F-200-013) BR 20T Brake Van B954781 Grey Coal Sector CAR
  • (7F-200-014) BR 20T Brake Van DB951767 Engineers Grey/Yellow ZTO
  • (7F-200-015) BR 20T Brake Van B954561 Railfreight Grey/Red CAR

In other news, also spotted on the Dapol stand at the recent International N Gauge Show were decorated samples (subject to alterations) of its Class 66, 50, 153 and 25 models, and its servo-operated working signals for 2mm:1ft scale.

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

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Dapol Class 66 N gauge

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

Dapol Class 66 N gauge

Dapol Class 66 N gauge


For further details on the above products, including pricing and availability, visit the Dapol website.

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