Crucial steam locomotive parts stolen from The Great Central Railway

05 July 2022
In between the hours of 11.30pm and 3.30am last Friday, July 1st, a storage container at the locomotive repair facility of the Great Central Railway, Loughborough, was broken into.

A representative of the railway has made an initial estimation that the theft of the copper piping, steam boiler valves and fittings, and an expansion link to name a few, has a replacement value of up to £50,000.00.

Most of the parts are for the locomotive, Boscastle, owned by Boscastle Locomotive Ltd, which is currently undergoing a major restoration in the workshops of the Great Central Railway and has little value as scrap metal. The restoration of steam locomotives requires most of the parts to be manufactured for that restoration, requiring highly skilled engineers to carry out the works.

The team carrying out the restoration is devastated by the theft after all the long hours they have put into manufacturing the parts. The police have attended the site and the team is currently awaiting any information from them.

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If anyone has any information, The Great Central Railway is hoping to be able to offer a reward for any information that will help us to catch the thieves and retrieve the parts.

More details to follow soon…

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Christopher, whilst I appreciate the sentiment I think you will find that what you propose is unlawful.

Posted by Laurie Green on Sun 10 Jul 11:45:12

I appreciate it's another overhead, but heritage railways really need to be more security conscious. This includes addressing unauthorised access as well as security of potentially vulnerable areas and buildings.

Posted by Trevor Whelan on Fri 08 Jul 18:03:57

Offer a reward for 10 times the scrap value for the return of everything stolen, no question's asked and cash on delivery.

Posted by Christopher Crow on Fri 08 Jul 18:00:26