Corroded Metal FX pump kit arriving from Flake King

04 June 2020
Create realistic rust and corrosion effects on your models with Corroded Metal from Flake King. Now arriving in the UK via authorised stockist,

Flake King has designed its Corroded Metal FX Pump Kit for modellers to apply dense, powders to models and apply activators, making them rust in-situ. Users can apply its heavy Vintage Iron and Corroded Copper powders directly to wet paint or clear coat on models. Following this, spraying its Corrosion Activator directly to the surface and waiting will make it corrode. The longer the Corrosion Activator is left applied, the more corroded the effect will become.

Its (FK50) Surface Binder is a base adhesion coat that can be brushed, dabbed or sprayed on. While still wet, the desired powder can be applied and left to dry. Following this, the Corrosion Activator can be liberally sprayed.

Flake King corrosion activator

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Flake King's Corroded Metal Pump Kit contains its (FK50) Surface Binder, a Vintage Iron pot, Corroded Coppa pot, a Patina Sponge and Corrosion Activator.

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