Clayton Equipment's CB45 nears completion

18 October 2022
Now in the final stages of completion, the new generation locomotive is said to "come with significant benefits".

Clayton Equipment has revealed that its all-new CB45 locomotive is nearing completion. The manufacturer is hoping that its battery-powered, 45T two-axle 0-4-0 design will attract worldwide interest. The emission free, centre-cab locomotive is said to "offer enhanced safety features, improved efficiency and performance", too. 

The CB45 is designed to provide its customers with many of the benefits of a locomotive twice its size, with the benefits of battery power. The low-emission, low-noise, and expected low-operating and maintenance-cost locomotive combines increased performance and haulage capacity, with improved safety features.

The locomotive is self-contained with onboard chargers, and battery charging is undertaken from a three-phase supply. Meanwhile, regenerative braking returns energy back to the battery, giving it an unladen range of 450km and 16km with 1200T. With a tractive effort up to 180kN, and haulage (limited by coupler) up to 3000T, the CB45 features safety devices such as limited speed with overspeed protection, a 'deadman’s' vigilance device, CCTV, remote control, failsafe braking, improved line of sight and cab environment and remote diagnostics.

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Battery technology is energy efficient offering many benefits to the rail sector such as emission free, air quality and noise improvements. As battery performance and costs have significantly improved over recent years, battery and hybrid rolling stock has become increasingly attractive. Clayton has found its own market niche within the decarbonisation journey, with the most extensive range of battery locomotives on the market, and looks set to offer a sustainable, efficient approach to railway shunting.

For more details on the full range of locomotives offered by Clayton Equipment, visit its website.


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