Class 08 exclusive for Bachmann Collectors Club

05 September 2022
New livery revealed for Class 08 tooling in N and OO gauges, at annual Bachmann Collectors Club gathering.

The Bachmann Collectors Club launched a new limited-edition Class 08 diesel shunter during its annual Members Day at the Dean Forest Railway on Saturday, September 3.

The new models exclusive to members, available for 'OO' under its Branchline brand, and 'N' under its Farish brand, depict 08818 / No. 4 Molly, as owned by 'spot-hirer', Harry Needle Railroad Company. The locomotive is currently seeing use by GBRf. The partnership has resulted in the house colours of GBRf being applied to the locomotive, with additional markings to promote both companies.

N gauge variant

Graham Farish 371-016K 08818 Molly

Graham Farish (371-016K) 08818 'Molly'. The locomotive owes its name to someone's pet dog, and a paw print can be seen in the letter 'O' on the printed name.

The N scale model will take advantage of the latest developments for the Graham Farish model which allow a sound-fitted version to be offered, too. Both 'OO' and 'N' scale models are highly-detailed, comprising numerous separately-fitted detail parts and highlighted by attractive liveries.

OO gauge variant

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Graham Farish 32-119K 08818 Molly

Also available in OO scale, 08818 'Molly' (32-119K).

The OO scale model has an eight-pin DCC decoder socket for those wishing to use the model on DCC. Priced at £149.95, only 504 models have been made and each is supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The N scale model is available in two formats, with standard models featuring a Next18 DCC decoder socket and pre-fitted speaker – these are priced at £144.95.

For those wanting to enjoy sound – either on analogue control or DCC – the sound-fitted model is available at £244.95. Just 250 standard and 250 sound-fitted models have been produced, each supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

All three items are available now and can be ordered online from the Bachmann Collectors Club website. New members can join online and purchase immediately from the growing range of Club exclusive models.


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