China clay dries and chimney exclusives for KMRC

27 January 2023
Retailer Kernow Model Rail Centre adds Cornish China Clay buildings to exclusive model range for 2mm:1ft scale.

Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) has this morning announced the release of two exclusive model buildings for 2mm:1ft scale. The commissions from Graham Farish Scenecraft depict China Clay Dries and a Clay Dries Chimney.

The detailed Scenecraft models of the China Clay Dries and Chimney in 2mm:1ft scale are cast in resin and painted, being similar to those in use at Wenford Bridge and other locations throughout the clay district in Cornwall. The models exclusive to KMRC (42-059Z) Graham Farish Scenecraft China Clay Dries – £54.95, and (42-060Z) Graham Farish Scenecraft Clay Dry Chimney – £34.95 are available to purchase now from its website or stores in Camborne or Guildford.

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230119 FARISH KMRC 42-059Z_1 china clay dry

(42-059Z) Graham Farish Scenecraft China Clay Dries – Kernow Model Rail Centre exclusive.

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The mining of china-clay, kaolin, for the purposes of porcelain production began in Cornwall back in 1745. By the early 19th century, the deposits in Cornwall had emerged as the largest in the world. After arriving from the pit, the china clay in slurry form had to be dried because of its very high water content. The drying of the china clay slurry was traditionally undertaken in plants called 'pan-kilns'. Pan-kilns consist of four major areas: sand and mica-drags, settling pits, settling tanks and the 'dry building. The 'dry' is a long, narrow building with a chimney at one end, and a coal-fired furnace at the other end. Internally, the dry consists of two terraces. The upper terrace is called the 'pan' and was used for drying the china clay, while the lower terrace was called the 'linhay' and was used to store the dried china clay before removal by rail or road. Therefore, there is often a railway line just below the linhay.

230119 FARISH KMRC 42-060Z_2

(42-060Z) Graham Farish Scenecraft Clay Dry Chimney – Kernow Model Rail Centre exclusive.

Graham Muspratt, Development Manager said: “The China Clay Dries and Chimney has been very popular in 4mm:1ft scale, so it was a natural choice to be part of our new range of 2mm:1ft scale exclusive Graham Farish Scenecraft buildings.”

For further details on the items, visit the Kernow Model Rail Centre website, or see its stores in Guildford or Camborne.


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