Cavalex Models issues HAA/CDA wagon update

14 June 2021
Upon receiving decorated samples of its two-axle hopper wagons, the manufacturer is set to commence production.

Cavalex Models has shared images of decorated samples of its PGA and BBA two-axle wagons, highlighting detail features of these models. The manufacturer is representing both cross and straight types of hopper doors, plus separately-fitted hopper edge strengthening bars on its re-bodied HAAs. Rivet detail is present on inner- and outer-body surfaces, while its HFA is fitted with an aerodynamic canopy.

Cavalex CDA

Solid ring and brake disc wheels are said to be fitted correctly, depending on prototypes, while a detailed sculpted hood canopy is fitted to its CDA models. A zinc alloy chassis is said to provide correct running weight, while a prototypical full-depth hopper with doors and internal support fins is represented.

Cavalex CDA

Sprung buffers with prototypical variations in design are to be represented, and simple conversion to P4/EM, with 26mm axles used as standard is expected. Removable NEM coupling pockets with alternative instanter couplings provided will feature.

Cavalex CDA

Cavalex Models has said that parts that are missing on some samples, brake blocks, pipes and couplings for instance, but that these will be fitted on final production models, adding, "There are also a few parts that have been fitted with the incorrect colour, this will also be addressed along with improvements to the fitting of parts, decoration and enhancements to the printing. Overall, we are very impressed with the samples and after a few modifications, which are currently underway, the project will move forward to the production stage of the process."


The HAA, HFA and CDA can all be pre-ordered direct from KMS Railtech and Trains4U, further details for which, including pricing and availability can be found on their respective websites.

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