Bure Valley Railway to invest in zero-emission locomotive

16 May 2022
Clayton Equipment awarded contract to supply Bure Valley Railway with new CB12 battery Co-Co locomotive.

Bure Valley Railway, in Aylsham and Wroxham of Norfolk, has become one of the first major heritage railways in the country to invest in a zero-emission electric locomotive for passenger use.

Clayton Equipment is to design, build and supply Bure Valley Railway with a new CB12 battery Co-Co locomotive to complement its current fleet of five steam and three diesel locomotives. Bure Valley Railway is Norfolk’s longest narrow-gauge steam and diesel railway built on the trackbed of part of the former Great Eastern Railway, regularly attracting over 120,000 visitors per year.

As pioneers for sustainability within the locomotive industry, Bure Valley Railway is also spearheading a national development group into bio-coal, alongside the nation's biggest names. Over the last two decades, the railway has managed to save 79T of CO2 emissions per year via its steam locomotives through technical innovations and enhancements. The Clayton CB12 locomotive compliments this drive by the railway to reduce CO2 emissions by addressing the challenges presented by the ageing diesel locomotives while at the same time reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Bure Valley Railway Norfolk

The Bure Valley Railway has many a fleet of 15in gauge steam and diesel locomotives, and among its yearly events, holds driver experience days.

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The locomotive will be net carbon zero and a first for Bure Valley Railway. An added benefit is improved haulage capacity being able to easily cope with the heaviest of trains the railway operates over its nine-mile route with many steep gradients. The CB12 locomotive will also meet the latest technological standards, driver comfort, accessibility and working conditions, yet be in-keeping with a traditional railway.

CBD90 locomotive Clayton Equipment

Clayton Equipment's new CB12 locomotive will follow similar principles as its standard-gauge CBD90 above, though will lack the hybrid capabilities offered by fitment of a diesel power plant.

Andrew Barnes, Managing Director at Bure Valley Railway, placed the order as a result of attending an open day tour of Clayton’s facilities saying “We were impressed with the engagement and forward-thinking of Clayton Equipment team in meeting our requirements in providing a passenger locomotive with zero-emissions and we are proud to be working with a UK manufacturer”.

Clive Hannaford, Clayton Equipment Managing Director said, “We are delighted to be part of Bure Valley Railway upgrading and sustainability programme, the CB12 will offer long-term cost-effective benefits, meet operational requirements, improve air quality with sustainable, zero-emission, environmentally-compliant equipment which is in line with meeting the commitment to cleaner, greener railway transport for all”.


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