Build a virtual model railway with Train Yard Builder

28 July 2021
Train Yard Builder, a new game by Gameformatic promises an immersive model railway creation experience, all in virtual 3D.

If you've always dreamt of building and operating a large model railway, but you don't have space at home, perhaps creating it in 3D is the solution? Train Yard builder offers just that, allowing childhood dreams come true, all while constructing and collecting railway models.

Train Yard Builder

Players of the game can purchase heritage or modern-day locomotives and rolling stock, paint them, apply transfers, or even design them from scratch. The layout landscape can be planned, with tracks laid, and, visitors can be charged for viewing your collection!

Train Yard Builder

Previously purchased models can be sold back to the market, or you can collect as many models you like. Don't be humble or shy, show your whole collection to the world! Open your own train models gallery and earn on tickets from your visitor.

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Operate your virtual model railway, or use the program to test-build operation of your next model railway by creating a mock-up and testing it by yourself. Alternatively, build your dream model railway that won't fit at home, or one that might prove too costly to build. No matter if you want to build a forest, a western, desert, or tropical-themed model, you can design it by yourself.

Train Yard Builder

Choose the ground, the height of hills, rivers, waterfalls, trees, buildings, stations and more. For more information, find Train Yard Builder on Steam.


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