BRMA Awards 2023 - the winners announced

15 March 2024
The coveted BRMA results are in! It’s been a busy year for everyone, with some exceptional quality items that have attracted the recognition of the wider modelling population.

Our results show that mainstream media reports of a decline in the hobby are way off the mark, with more producers and products than ever before, Newer names within the hobby have scored particularly well for their innovation, online information and engagement.  

We list the top three from each category. 

N gauge Motive Power

1. Rapido Trains BR/Metro Vick Class 28 Co-Bo
2. Graham Farish Class 158
3. Revolution Trains Class 128 parcels railcar

N gauge rolling stock

1. Revolution Trains Caledonian Sleeper Mk. 5 coaches
2. Rapido Trains BR Conflats
3. Revolution Trains IIA-D Drax biomass hoppers

N gauge Manufacturer of the Year
1. Bachmann Europe (Graham Farish & EFE Rail)
2. Revolution Trains
3. Dapol

TT:120 Products

1. Hornby A4 4-6-2
2. West Hill Wagon Works kits & accessories
3. Hornby Class 08

OO9 products

1. Peco Ffestiniog Railway Bug Box coaches
2. Bachmann Gloucester bogie coach
3. Bachmann Dinorwic slate wagons

OO gauge steam locomotives

1. Accurascale GWR Manor
2. Rapido Trains Titfield Thunderbolt Train Set
3. Dapol (Rails of Sheffield exclusive) SR D1 4-4-0

OO gauge diesel and electric

1. Accurascale Class 37
2. EFE Rail Bulleid Booster
3. Hornby Ruston & Hornsby 88DS

OO gauge coaching stock

1. Accurascale GWR Siphon G
2. Accurascale Mk. 5/5a coaches
3. Rapido Trains W&U/GER Tramcars

OO gauge wagons

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1. Accurascale FNA-D nuclear flask wagon
2. Rapido Trains SECR 6-wheel brake van
3. Rapido Trains GWR Toad brake van

4mm / OO gauge Manufacturer of the Year
1. Accurascale
2. Rapido Trains
3. Bachmann Europe/EFE Rail

O gauge locomotives

1. Ellis Clark Trains Wickham Trolley
2. Heljan Class 55 Deltic
3. Dapol LSWR Adams B4 0-4-0ST

O gauge rolling stock

1. Ellis Clark Trains LNER Thompson BG
2. Lionheart Trains L&B coaches O-16.5
3. Dapol TTA tank wagon

O gauge Manufacturer of the Year
1. Dapol/Lionheart
2. Ellis Clark Trains
3. Heljan

Overall Manufacturer of the Year
1. Accurascale
2. Bachmann Europe/Graham Farish/EFE Rail)
3. Rapido Trains UK

Innovation of the Year

1. Rapido Titfield Thunderbolt set
2. Modelu scanning booth
3. Hornby HM7000/TXS Bluetooth

Retailer Customer Service Award
1. Rails of Sheffield
2. Hattons Model Railways
3. Scale Model Scenery

Layout of the Year

1. Making Tracks 3 - Railnuts
2. Copenhagen Fields - The MRC
3. York - Giles Baxter

RMweb Modeller of the Year
1. Tony Wright
2. Dave Hall
3. James Hilton

Exhibition of the Year
Warley National Model Railway Exhibition
London Festival of Railway Modelling
York Model Railway Show

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who voted! The full results, including a full detailed breakdown of your votes, can be found at

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